Every conversation with a client is different. Pretty much every client will come into the conversation with a unique set of requirements, needs and wants. That said more often than not there are simple commonalities that I'm always noticing from one chat to another. Here is a short selection of questions that almost every client is going to ask me. Hope you'll find this section insightful.

Do you travel for weddings and engagements?

Are you kidding me? Of course I travel and that is the best part of the job. You get to see some lovely new places and scout new locations. I travel all the time.

What sort of travel costs are normally added to the shoot fee?

It's not quite black and white and there are different things the calculation needs to account for. In most cases it's flights, Air B'n'B or a decent hotel for a night and a car hire. That said pricing structure for jobs varies almost every time and I tend to do all kinds of deals depending on the scale of the assignment. Let's have a chat about what you're after and see where we land with the fees.

How would you describe your creative style?

I try not to box myself into a specific style category. Successful business relies on its ability to reinvent itself, change and adapt to the ever changing zeitgeist. I try to keep my work fresh, timeless, premium looking, natural. In my most cases style serves only as a supplement to the story I'm trying to tell for my clients. Tell me how your story needs to be different and unique, how does it need to be personalised and I will tell you how I'm going to respond stylistically specifically to what you need. 

How many events have you photographed?

I kinda stopped counting after the first 100. I've been doing this for slightly over 8 years so the short answer would be; a lot. 

How many photos will you shoot for me?

When I first started shooting weddings I did go for a higher volume as did most photographers out there and so after an 8h event for example I'd have 1500, maybe 2000 photos in the box which then I'd edit down to 600-700 for final delivery to client. After few years of doing that I've changed my approach a little bit and focused more on unique moments and storytelling quality of the final set. These days I'd try to build a coherent story reflecting the event in approximately 200 shots. There are exceptions obviously where I'd shoot more but in most cases I go for less is more rule.

In what format will I receive the images and will they be shareable with friends and family?

The final selection will be compiled into a secure online gallery, which will serve as a backup repository of your wedding photos as well as a great tool for sharing the photos with whomever you wish.

Are we allowed to print the photos you shoot for us?

Of course you can print them. Print them as much as you like and share them as much as you like. You own the set.

What sort of camera gear do you use?

In most cases I'd be shooting with a Canon 5Ds and a Canon 5D Mark IV using prime lenses. Both are very high pixel resolution cameras and I love their technical versatility. Occasionally I'd use a mirrorless Fuji X-Pro2 because I just love what Fuji prime lenses are doing with natural light. I had few clients in the past who asked me to shoot medium format and in those cases I'd be using a Fuji GFX 50s.

How long will it take to get my photos?

I'd say 99% of the time it will be 2-3 weeks after the shoot. I would have to be extremely busy to make you wait over 3 weeks but that did happen few times in the past where it took me 4.5 weeks to get to the final shareable selection.

If I decide to book you, how much is your deposit to secure the date?

Non refundable deposit is $600 with the rest of the fee due 2 weeks before the event.

Hope this section managed to answer some of your key questions. Obviously I'd expect you to have other questions so please do get in touch and let us talk through your requirements over a good cup of coffee.