In my creative pursuits I always seek the right balance between minimalism and sophistication.

I'm predominantly interested in photographing people as they bring a certain element of unpredictability to the experience I can't always anticipate or entirely prepare for. The most difficult part is always to simplify the process, simplify direction and get to the heart of the objective making creative pieces with a compelling blend of personality, uniqueness and what I'd call purity. I want my work to always reflect a sense of premium craft and connection with the subject.

The images that I love most are the ones that are crafted with storytelling qualities in them.

Good photographs to me are not so much about technical quality and perfection. These things are not that difficult to attain with a bit of practice. What is tricky is timing and connection. You have to find the right moment to capture, use the right measure, and the right adjustment of your tools in order to make something special and unique. With modern digital tools, levels of automation and hardware intelligence what really makes the difference is that sense of timing. When it's applied in a creative manner when you look at the work it will make you feel something, it will allow you to physically feel connected to the photograph. It will evoke an emotion you will not be able to ignore and that essentially is the driving force behind my photographic work. My intention is to always create images filled with emotion and love, capturing real moments that have a timeless quality to them. I want my work to be resistant to the passage of time. I want it to be enduring and essentially immortal and that's what photography means to me.

I do love a good chat. If you have any questions about my work please let me know. We'll grab a cup of good coffee and talk about your requirement.