The story that led me to photography is not particularly complex or sophisticated. I was young, had no idea what to do with myself, and the things I was learning in high school were uninspiring, creating very little emotional resonance. Then one day, for no good reason, a very good soul gifted me a Rollei 35 pocket camera.

It took me a week to shoot my first full roll of film. I loved it. I was instantly hooked and the craft felt completely natural to me. That little pocket camera became an extension of my arm. I carried it absolutely everywhere. It became my creative companion, allowing me to express what was then a very embryonic and raw brand of creativity.

Documenting weddings has been one of the biggest privileges of my professional career.


Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with beautiful couples and travel to some of the most spectacular locations across Europe and Asia Pacific. There is no better feeling than being aligned creatively and energetically to who you are shooting. I’ve been lucky to work with couples who understand my observational photography style and want to use that to complement their unique experience.


I love shooting engagement sessions. No wedding day stress, no time pressure, just playful and lighthearted fun.


Engagement shoots have a very different feel compared to the actual wedding day. I use this time to get to know the couple, their style, and their natural state outside of what is usually a jam packed wedding day. People in love have a natural ease and grace to them, everything neatly clicks into place, and just looks and feels good, which really adds to the enjoyment factor. These sessions are a great opportunity to not only introduce myself to my clients but also demonstrate how my creative process works. 


Graham Albans

London - 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W

We've hired Patrick for his ability to perfectly capture the feeling of the day and make it look like the whole thing was being shot for Vogue. Take our work for it, he did not disappoint. He's talented, eloquent and incredibly positive, which is both very reassuring and infectious...

Ozden Isik

Essex - 51.7343° N, 0.4691° E

We wanted to say a massive thank you to Patrick for being so incredibly professional and caring from the very first time we meet him to talk about our wedding. I don't know how he captures the moments he did capture being so incredibly low key and unobtrusive...

Ruth Willson

London - 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W

Sanjeev and I are absolutely delighted with Patrick's work. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer to capture the happiest day of our lives. Throughout the entire day Patrick worked completely unobtrusively capturing the mood and the feel of the event...

My favourite photographs are the kind that instantaneously expose a story about the people in them. The kind of images that evoke raw emotion.


I like to observe life with my camera as it naturally unfolds right in front of me. Unexpected moments flowing uncontrollably in a chaotic and unstoppable pattern. Much of my editorial lifestyle and travel work is very much reflective of that pure observational style, which is deeply rooted in documentary photography. I always try to carry a portable mirrorless Fuji X-Pro2 on me, because you never know what the day will bring you and I hate not being able to document unique and fleeting moments.


Combining my addiction to sport and love for photography is something I’ll never get tired of. I get the most creative satisfaction when working with fitness and sport professionals.


Tennis, swimming, athletics, yoga or skateboarding. I love working with all fitness and sports professionals because of the incredible energy and relentless work ethic they bring to the table. Photographing subjects in motion is the most fulfilling kind of creative challenge because when you get that one shot that captures the pure energy of the moment, there is no greater feeling.


I love a good chat. If you like my work, please make sure you get in touch with a simple hello. We'll grab a good coffee somewhere nice and talk about what you’re after.